Tuesday, 1:00 – 2:30 pm | Wednesday, 4:45 – 6:10 pm | Ballroom VII-XII

Fight the afternoon slump with a coffee and conversation! Our scientists will guide you through recent posters covering whole genome sequencing, target enrichment, library prep automation, and HyperPrep.

  • Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction for Next-Generation Sequencing
    J.Dasgupta, A. Chang, A. Ariemy, K. Jain, M. Pintor, P. Chokshi, P-L. Janvier.
    Roche Sequencing Solutions, Pleasanton, CA
  • Inclusion of unique molecular identifiers in a transposase-based targeted sequencing workflow
    B. Miller, J. Penkler, V. Constandse, R.van der Merwe, E. van der Walt
    Roche Sequencing Solutions, Cape Town
  • Selective depletion of abundant RNA transcripts
    Laura de Jager, Jennifer Wendt, Michael Berry, Luke Esau, Ross Wadsworth, Eric van der Walt, Daniel Burgess
    Roche Sequencing Solutions, Cape Town, South Africa
    Roche Sequencing Solutions, Madison, WI
  • Optimization of targeted bisulfite sequencing workflows for low input and cfDNA applications
    N. Nabilisi
    Roche Sequencing, Wilmington, MA
  • High-efficiency species-specific ribosomal RNA depletion with the KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit
    Gingkgo Bioworks & Roche Sequencing, Boston, MA