The AVENIO Millisect System

  • Automated, high-performance FFPE tissue dissection
  • Precise, consistent recovery of multiple areas of
    interest per slide
  • Decreased contamination with normal tissue

The NEW MagNA Pure 24 System

  • Automated, walk-away clinical nucleic acid extraction
  • Low extraction-to–extraction variability
  • Intuitive software and guidance, and easy-to-use
    reagent cartridges

KAPA hgDNA Quantification and QC Kit

  • Reliable quantification of low-concentration DNA samples
  • Assessment of intact DNA in poor-quality samples,
    such as FFPE
  • Increased success of library construction, and
    prediction of mean insert size

KAPA HyperPrep Kit and HyperPlus Kit for DNA library prep

  • High performance with whole-genome and targeted sequencing
  • PCR-free workflows
  • High-quality data, even from low-quality samples

SeqCap EZ, SeqCap Epi, and SeqCap EZ RNA Probes

  • Greater sequencing depth with SeqCap target enrichment
  • Off-the-shelf and custom panels for DNA, including the
    SeqCap EZ Inherited Disease Panel
  • Strand-specific analysis of bisulfite-converted DNA
    with off-the-shelf or custom SeqCap Epi panels
  • Targeted RNA sequencing with SeqCap EZ RNA panels

KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit for RNA Library Prep

  • High performance with whole-transcriptome
    and targeted sequencing
  • Single-day, single-tube library preps
  • Sharper focus and greater sequencing depth with
    mRNA enrichment, RiboErase, or SeqCap EZ RNA

KAPA Library Quantification Kit

  • Reliable, sensitive quantification of sequencing-competent
    library molecules
  • Accurate, reproducible quantitation across a wide range
    of library types, sizes, concentrations, and GC contents
  • Increased accuracy of equimolar pooling for multiplexed sequencing

LightCycler® Systems

  • High-performance real-time PCR for every level of user
  • The LightCycler 96 Instrument provides an ideal combination
    of temperature homogeneity, data reproducibility, and intuitive
    analysis software for publication-ready results.
  • The LightCycler 480 Instrument supports medium-to-high
    Throughput with additional capabilities

AVENIO ctDNA Analysis Kits

  • 5-day, end-to-end workflow from extraction to analysis,
    including reporting
  • Detection of SNVs, indels, fusions and CNVs in a single assay
  • All three kits include genes in the U.S. National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines